Jamea Masjid, Clarendon Street, Preston, PR1 3YN | Transmitter Frequency: 27.215 | Charity No: 515749

The Imam

The Imam

At present, we have two Imams at Jamea Masjid. To get in touch with of them please use the following contact details.

An Imam is an Islamic leadership position. His role includes leadership of the Mosque and the community. Similar to spiritual leaders, the Imam is the one who leads the prayer during Islamic gatherings. More often than not, the community turns to the mosque Imam if they have an Islamic question.

For queries in English & Urdu contact:

Imam Talha Desai

For queries in Urdu contact:

Imam Mubarak Kadva

Get in touch via the form below:

Our Imams can be contacted directly via the form below:

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